Monday, 27 January 2014

Screen Printing Workshop - Tea towels and totes at Central Saint Martins

 I heart King's Cross

Artwork preparation 

Strike off time

Electric blue and mustard

A happy accident

First layer down

Finished totes and tea towels

Detail of tote bag design

Drying time 

I've just completed an excellent two day weekend short course at Central Saint Martins.  The tea towel and tote bag screen printing workshop run by the super talented Kangan Arora was a fantastic introduction to textile printing.  After a day of research, artwork preparation and screen exposure we were all eager to get back into the studio and print.  Firstly the brilliantly named strike off (testing the screen by printing straight onto the bench) then we mixed our inks and were ready for the fun bit!  Kangan and her assistant Rita couldn't have been more helpful and spent the whole time running from student to student so we all had plenty of one to one time.  I left the amazing Granary Square building feeling revived, inspired and full of ideas for future projects.

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