Saturday, 25 January 2014

Samson and Goliath commission

© Lucy Gough 2013

Towards the end of 2013 I was commissioned to make a one off print depicting Samson and Goliath.  I'm ashamed to say that wasn't familiar with them and after a bit of googling I was inspired and happy to have been made aware of a new landmark.  The artwork also needed to reference the fenland city of Ely so I played around with some ideas.  The most iconic feature of Ely is it's stunning Cathedral but simply placing the Cathedral alongside the shipbuilding gantry cranes seemed a bit clunky.  After a bit more research I discovered there is a beautiful labyrinth on the floor of the west tower in Ely Cathedral, if you walk the labyrinth you will have walked the same distance as the height of the ceiling above.  I drew out the labyrinth and made it into a repeat pattern which subtly sits behind Samson and Goliath.

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