Wednesday, 18 May 2011

puzzle seven

i've been busy working on a commission for the last few months and have been posting work in progress updates of the line drawings. i start off by drawing all of the objects/letters/numbers by hand and then drawing the lines to make them obscured, scan them in and then for the fun bit...colouring in! the piece below has 16 objects, hope you can find them all!

© lucy gough 2011


Liz said...

1) Robot
2) Tube of Paint
3) Traffic lights
4) light bulb
5) train
6) Tie
7) Bubbles
8) Snow globe
9) Paper airplane
10) E
11) R
12) T
13) 1
14) 0
15) 3D specs
16) Is the grey thing a bicycle pump?

What do I win?

Lucy Gough said...

super effort liz, but in the wise words of roy walker 'it's good but it's not right!'

1) Robot - yes
2) Tube of Paint - yes
3) Traffic lights - yes
4) light bulb - yes
5) train - yes
6) Tie - yes
7) Bubbles - no...will be revealed later
8) Snow globe - yes
9) Paper airplane - yes
10) E - yes
11) R - yes
12) T - yes
13) 1 - 1/2
14) 0 - 1/2
15) 3D specs - no
16) Is the grey thing a bicycle pump? - no

the 10 represents number 10 and not 1 & 0 so that counts as one entry

there is an o in the top left hand corner

the 3d specs are actually a bicycle

there is a purple bow tie hidden on the left behind lots of things

if you merge the bicyle pump with the bubbles you should see the bt tower (i was advised that putting bt on it would make it too easy to identify, but this is obviously not the case)

you will find a suitably menial prize on your desk in the morning. i trust it wont be on ebay by the end of the day..!