Wednesday, 13 April 2011

patchwork course//the make lounge

last night me and my good friend fiona 'speedy gonzalez' hepburn did a patchwork course at the make lounge in islington. she really knows how to burn it up on the sewing machine! this is the second course i've taken at the make lounge and again i was really impressed. its such a great feeling to learn a new skill and all in one evening, even though i was a bit of a zombie when i got home! its a real treat to have everything laid out for you and lots of space to work in a friendly relaxed environment, with some good old motivational tunes on the ipod to keep you going. That's before i even think about the fact that you don't have tidy up all those tiny bit of thread and the yummy sample treats from the cupcake decorating course. what next...?!

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