Monday, 5 July 2010

adam hayes//maps project

super talented illustrator and good friend, adam hayes, has been curating a really interesting map project. he has invited artists and illustrators to submit maps of somewhere they feel that they belong.

after much consideration i decided that i belong in the countryside. i grew up surrounded by acres of unspoilt land and spent most of my childhood roaming around in the great outdoors. i have always been fascinated by the abstract quality of aerial maps and particularly love the patchwork effect created by years of farming the same fields.

for my map, the great outdoors, i produced an abstracted view of a rural countryside. it has purposefully been made using generic shapes and an empty compass and map pins. my intention is for anybody to be able to customise the map by utilising the compass and pins and adding landmarks, roads and rivers.

check out the maps blog to see some innovative maps. there are some amazing interpretations of the theme and loads of diversity. great project adam, keep up the good work!

the great outdoors, lucy gough, 2010

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