Friday, 16 July 2010

i made something useful..

...if not exactly spherical!


hel said...

I like the crochet baubles! I am browsing for ideas for school. How can I find out how to make these? I really like your work and found links from the St Judes site. I was hooked by the wood sorrel leaf in one of your prints as I am thinking of calling my house Wood Sorrel and wondered if there were more to be found.

Lucy Gough said...

Hi Helen,

Thank you for your comments, I'm really glad you like the work. The pattern is an appropriated version of this.. (hope the link works?!) The print you have seen at St Judes, Some Common Weeds, is the only one of mine that features the wood sorrel. That is a great name for a house, I think its a very beautiful weed!

Thanks for your interest in my work. Please contact me if you need any further information.

Best wishes,