Thursday, 5 March 2009

keep the faith...or not as the case may be

below are the results of last weeks photography assignment. we were given two opposing words and needed to illustrate the words using photography. i pretty much bummed out with a score of 0/7, whoop class dunce! the phrases love/hate and approval/disapproval were attributed to my pieces. i think i got a bit caught up in the world of pin hole disposable and lost sight of the brief. i love the pictures though, well worth spending some time in a characterful north london cemetery! we're meeting at a gallery for our lesson next week so if it's going to be post it notes all over the place, a4 paper and black marker pens, as it usually is...i wonder how long it takes before we get thrown out!

oops...forgot to mention, it was supposed to represent faith/disbelief!

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