Wednesday, 25 February 2009

driller killer and the day of 99 tea lights

as mentioned in a previous post my photography assignment for this week was essentially pimp your digital camera. i loved the idea of this after the editorial piece the week before and having a past history of interest in accidental/blurred/damaged photographs. i started off by taping a piece of paper with a tiny hole over the lens to create a pinhole effect. i wanted to experiment so i shut myself in a pitch black bathroom with a huge sheet of black fabric, my disposable camera, a bunch of flowers, a lit tea light and...a power drill! my colleagues particularly enjoyed my phone call to the local branch of snappy snaps "potentially i might have drilled a hole into my camera, do you think this'll be ok?' the pictures came out really well and i then needed to go through the process and link the presentation of the photographs back to the original concept. that's how i came up with the idea of piercing the photos with a pin, wrapping them into tube and placing a tea light inside them. i'm really pleased with the outcome of the project, you can see some more pics on flickr. the light shining through the photographs gives the images a painterly feel. it highlights the effects achieved by drilling the camera, the red streaks and huge black hole where i drilled straight through the neg. highly recommended! buy your self a disposable camera and pimp it...

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