Wednesday, 4 February 2009

blog of the week - sprink

this week i have chosen to feature sprink as my blog of the week. i love looking at this blog and really admire the photography. the images have a lovely atmosphere and muted colours. they have a seductive quality which is achieved by the soft focus effect. they find beauty in the mundane.

images © sprink


lottie said...

hey, that's so sweet of you! i've loved reading about your classes, they sound really interesting. i took a refresher course last year at the blackfriars institute and vowed to do more. would you recommend those at st martins?

Lucy Gough said...

thank you for your comment, i really enjoy looking at your work! i'm a bit biased as i work at st martins, but all of the courses i've taken have been of a really high standard of teaching and has added so much to my artistic practise. i find it really useful to get feedback from tutors and students and also to have deadlines to work towards. what kind of camera and lighting do you use to get the lovely atmosphere in your photos?